How much time it takes you to reach the climax stage of sex? According to theory men hardly last for 2-5 minutes to reach climax during sexual intercourse? But this act is not enough to make one women satisfied with their desires. If you have the same timing climax then definitely you would be kicked out by your female partner one day.

You need to try something different here as supplements or Viagra is not the solution to it. Advanced men institute has created a new technique to enhance the sexual duration which is generally known as Prolongz.

Longer Lasting Sex With ProlongzWhat is Prolongz?

Prolongz is the strip technology used to enhance the sexual stay of men at bed, designed by advanced men institute. This technology uses combination of some varied sources including damiana extracts and ginseng extracts to restrict and make well control over the ejaculation time duration of men. Its all safe and clinically tested formula which does not causes any trouble to health ever. The ingredients used in this formula are safe and natural extracts, which are best to take for men anytime. It is one of the first formula that uses oral dissoluble strip method for all kinds of trouble of PE.

Benefits of Prolongz

Using Prolongz gives out several benefits for men such as…

increase power of sex with Prolonz

  • Better sex drive among men
  • Restricted ejaculation of men
  • No more troubles of low PE
  • Long lasting sex stay at bed
  • Single oral strip technology in the world
  • Easy to use and 100% safe source
  • No more erection troubles
  • High hormone secretion
  • Fast acting formula
  • No need of any prescription

Prolongz Benefits

How to use this technique?

You always need to remember that there is nothing miracle with it Prolongz as it necessary to use this strip technology on a continuous basis. Either you may take 2 strips at a time or one each strip in day and night. Its necessary to take minimum two strips daily so that it would allow brain to give proper control to restrict the ejaculation time during sexual stay. It is a mouth dissolving strip technology, which makes it easy to consume without giving any information of this little secret to others.

You may also consume Prolongz blue colored pills before going for a sex at bed. It easily gets dissolved and is a great alternative to use condom. It hardly takes a few seconds to dissolve in your mouth just you need to put it below your tongue and wait for it to get dissolved. Surely you would get vampire at bed just by using this formula for a wild night always.

want longer lasting sex

Ingredients used in Prolongz

Some active and natural sources of ingredients used in Prolongz include…

  1. Ginseng extracts ( Asian, American, Siberian)
  2. Damiana extracts
  3. Fenugreek
  4. Menthol
  5. Pullulan
  6. Peppermint
  7. Aspertame
  8. AK sugar
  9. Polyglycerol extracts

prolongz ingredients

Will it be a safe choice to use?

The ingredients used in Prolongz oral dissolving strip method includes are clinically tested and natural formulations, which make it 100% safe and risk free trial to use. It does not involves any chemicals to harsh chemicals in it that may risk ones health. The users who have used it found great results and that too very convenient to use, better than putting a condom.

Where to buy?

To avail the now available 15 day trial pack of Prolongz oral strip technology you may simply click the above banner to fill up the order details. It also offers 130 days buy back guarantee if it does not stands on ones expectation. So just order your strips now as they would rush out of stock anytime.


The worst nightmare related to men’s health is poor sexual performance and stay. One cannot predict the actual reason for quick downfall while having sexual pleasure. It could be due to poor diet, poor health, mistakes made during youth age or any other STD. Men would definitely get frustrated if they lack concentration level to satisfy their female partner at bed. However if treated sincerely you may last longer with foreplay but the results or outcomes may vary. Today strip delivery technology has become famous with the sudden arrival of Prolongz. This evergreen formula has creation a great impact among men to enhance their sexual desires as well as stay. One of the safest source compiled with 100% natural extracts, which really works smoothly.

Prolongz: An Introduction

Prolongz is a new entry to market for achieving longer sexual stay, to make all men happy and relaxed. The key process of this formula is its strip delivering technology which smoothly works on to enhance the staying power at bed. For every time sex this sex strip has proved to be a miracle to make ones female partner satisfied and happy. Developed by AMI (advanced men institute), consists of all powerful antioxidants and ingredients to enhance the ejaculatory level in men up to 95%. The results received with it are 100% accurate and do not make ones health worst or sick.

Visible Benefits of Prolongz

  • The great sexual advantages added to one’s life through Prolongz include…
  • Enhances the sexual stay at bed
  • Improves the formation of testosterone level
  • Leaves a great desire to perform at sex
  • Does not create any panic with quick downfall
  • Helps to clean the bloating troubles

How does it work?

The immature ejaculation level among men creates a great problem while making sex. Since this feature gives low sexual stay so only strip technology would only prove to be useful here. Prolongz strip technology helps to enhance naturally the ejaculatory level, which overall enhances the sexual health brilliantly. It’s not just an enhancer of sexual stay but rather it also improves the sexual desires among men. The active antioxidants help up to boost up the energy level and also make ones mind or mood fresh and happy.

Ingredients applied safely

The one month trial supply of Prolongz generally consists of 60 strips which are generally formulated with all natural herbs and plant extracts that mainly include…

10 mg Ginseng: Helps to improve the sexual performance and desires. The impotency troubles are also repaired by this extract.

Fenugreek: Enhances the formation of testosterone level among men naturally and acts as a stamina booster.

10 mg Damiana: All sexual foreplays, orgasm stage, erection function are controlled and repaired by this herbal extract.

Some minor ingredients available in Prolongz include…


AK sugar

Peppermint extract


Fatty acid


Will it be safe to use?

As mentioned earlier the ingredients used in Prolongz strip technology is 100% safe and natural extracts, which do not cause any kind of health harm. The users who have used this formula in a true manner have received great results amazingly. However there are some important points to remember before starting the course schedule of this formula such as…

Prolongz consists of special extracts known as ginseng, which is not an ideal source for diabetes persons. So men who are suffering blood sugar errors must not go for this formula.

The persons who are going through different medications or surgery duration must consult physician before using it.

The formula is not the ideal one for minors who are below 18 years of age. Women should strictly avoid this formula use in any case.

How to use Prolongz?

Prolongz formula is available in form of strips in one container where each container consists of 60 strips. The recommended dosage is 2 strip servings in a day to receive really positive results. Avoid overdose of this formula as it may not give positive results.

Where to buy?

The pack of Prolongz comes in 15 days and 30 days trial just only at the platform of online stores. Do not move at local stores to buy this product and if really desperate to make quick purchase then simply click the above banner to get immediate and best results. Your product would be delivered within 2-3 days after its ordered and that too at 90 days money back guarantee. So just make sure you shop for Prolongz immediately since its available here in limited quantity only. Have a great sex stay always